Penitentiary - Steel Chastity Cage for Large Dicks

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Keep his dick in the BIG House with the Penitentiary Chastity Device

The power of an effective chastity device lies in the man‘s inability to complete his erection. While he‘s still able to feel aroused, a chastity device makes sure that his dick is not fully hard. The Penitentiary Chastity Device is a high-quality device that keeps your male partner from obtaining that full erection he may want to achieve while you‘re teasing and pleasing him.

The Penitentiary comes as two sections: a cock ring that is placed behind the balls and a cage enclosure that will contain the cock. To apply, place the cock-ring portion behind the testicles and then place the cock inside of the enclosure. Place the two sections together and close them using the included lock and key.

You're the Warden and you decide when he gets free time! Watch as he wants to get tries to get fully erect but is prevented by the cage. There is a hole at the end of the cage for urination.

The inside diameter of the cockring is 45 mm. The inside diameter of the tube is 36 mm. The length of the steel cage is 100 mm.

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