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Black PVC Bed Sheets

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Dare to try something different with this slick and shiny plastic (PVC) bed sheet. With its waterproof design, you can get as wet as you want. The grease, liquid, sweat, and lube proof material lets you make a mess while keeping your bed protected and clean. Buy this non-fitted PVC bed sheet today and enjoy all the messy, sexy, fetish play you can handle!
  • STANDS UP TO HEAVY, MESSY PLAY - Our PVC bed sheet is a perfect companion to any type of messy play you can dream of. Massages and lubricants? Yep! Wax play and watersports? You bet! Dream it. Enjoy it.
  • NON-FITTED & EASY TO LAY ANYWHERE - This non-fitted PVC sheet 120cm x 200cm (47" x 78") spreads perfectly in any open area and doesn't fix itself to a bed.
  • EASILY WASHABLE BY HAND OR THE SHOWER - After you're done playing with these PVC bed sheets, why not get in the tub together and have a good time washing off the mess you just made?